About Us

«Autonomous aerospace systems — GeoService» research and production enterprise, LLC
(short name AVASYS, LLC)

The basic staff of the company are members of the creative team of UAV Systems Student Design Bureau, Siberian Federal University. The project is developed in informational creative interaction with the Institute of Mining, Geology and Geotechnology FGAOU HE "Siberian Federal University" and financial support of Prognoz Group LLC.

Areas of activity:

  • development and manufacture of autopilots for unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs automation of the customer "turnkey";
  • development of communication systems, including software-defined;
  • development of UAV systems.

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Contact Info:

156/1 Electrikov street,
660079 Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Phone: +07 (391) 286-61-09
Cell. +07 953 5866109
FAX +07 (391) 201-13-27
e-mail: info@uav-siberia.com
web: http://uav-siberia.com