Aerial photography

Download demo album in high resolution (17,3 Mb)
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Application areas

  • Open Pit mining;
  • Planning, surveying, cadastral registration;
  • Forest inventory, monitoring areal phenomena;
  • Monitoring of agricultural land;
  • Control over the conduct of road works;
  • Thermal sensing.

Image processing

  • orthophoto generation;
  • orthomosaic overlay on the existing topographic survey;
  • integration with Google Earth software (using kml/kmz);
  • generation of three-dimensional projections of the terrain;
  • album art images (A4);
  • construction of a digital elevation model.

Technology of Open Pit monitoring is ready to implement and offers the following services:

  • aerial photography and high resolution orthophotos compilation at a relatively low cost;
  • generation of digital 3D models for surveying purposes;
  • provision the information for management and control of mine planning.


Digital elevation model (DEM)

GPS/GNSS position log for the center of images allows to estimate by mathematical methods the height of the common points of the image. Special programs for processing pairs of images on the adjacent routes of photography enable to rebuild surface elevation, and based on this technology builds the 3-D digital terrain models.

Relevance for open pit mining (monitoring):

Textured DEM

Textured 3D DEM

Also, software processing allows to compile image orthomosaic with DEM and receive textured (realistic) 3-dimensional models.



  • resolution from 3 to 15 cm per pixel;
  • minimal aerial height of 120 m;
  • performance up to 10 per hour;
  • maximum distance from take-off point up to 10 km.


Advantages over satellite imagery

  • high efficiency;
  • high resolution;
  • low dependency of weather condition (clouds) and season;
  • low price of minimum order;
  • reliability and relevance of the data.