Modern building technologies require innovative methods of planning and control. Application of our UAV systems allows in short terms perform the following tasks:

  • Control of contract construction works
  • Remote monitoring
  • Planning of construction works
  • Control the status of bridges
  • Aerial photography of high-rise buildings and laborious places
  • Evaluation of the consequences of accidents and natural disasters

Control of contract construction works


Remote monitoring


Evaluation of the consequences of accidents and natural disasters


Planning of construction works

Aerial photography with the UAV is a mean of supplementing or even replacement of geodetic survey during construction. The data obtained allow to create a three-dimensional terrain model and contour lines maps, as well as digitizing the orthomosaic with indicating information about contours of linear and areal objects.

UAVs are effective and environmentally safe tools for the urban infrastructure. The results of the aerial photography are detailed images of buildings and construction areas in high resolution, with which can be objectively assess the situation on the site and adjacent areas.

Monitoring of high-rise buildings, bridges and the other laborious places is possible using multirotor drones. The aerial photography provides information of the various defects, such as cracks, missing fasteners, rust, etc. In contrast to traditional methods, remote sensing is more quick and safe.