DELTA-M UAV system

Aerial photography unmanned aerial system with three axis camera gimbal stabilization


Main features


Using three axis in camera's gimbal guarantees overlapping
despite of aircraft maneuvers for maintaining course line and altitude.
Pitch, roll, and yaw are automatically compensated.

This feature:

  • decreases number of frames in overall project;
  • reduces computing expenses;
  • allows to use certificated photogrammetric software.

Freely oriented camera in gimbal provides new opportunities:

  • increased performance of monitoring operations in broom mode;
  • photographing of side textures of buildings;
  • multipoint survey of dotted ground objects.

DELTA-M camera options:

→ Sony RX-1

  • 24 megapixels resolution (6000 х 4000)
  • Full Frame
  • Central shutter
  • Focal length - 30 mm

→ Canon EOS-M

  • 18 megapixels resolution (5184 x 3456)
  • Crop factor 1.6
  • Focal-plane shutter
  • Lens - 50 мм f/1.4

We ready to integrate of the optical system under your requirements


Aircraft uses our own Hi-Rel aircraft control system hardware. Each device has self-diagnostics mechanism. System automatically checks all critical subsystems and devices. It prevents operator from error during flight preparation and saves aircraft in a case of technical failure in flight.

AP and servs

Low pressure pneumatic catapult provides reliable takeoff even in low temperature conditions.

Carrier phase measurement GNSS receiver with RTK mode is available.
This feature dramatically reduces volume of ground geodetic operations.


Technical specification

Aircraft speed 65 - 80 km/h
Operating altitude 100 - 3000 m
Ground sample distance (GSD) 0.03-0.1 m for 300-1000 m altitude accordingly
  • for monitoring — up to 80 per flight
  • for 0.1 m GSD — up to 30 per flight
  • for 0.03 m GSD — up to 10 per flight
Datalink range 30 km
Flight endurance up to 200 minutes
Rated wind speed 15 m/s
Takeoff Catapult
Landing Parachute
Operating temperature from minus 35°С to plus 40°С
Camera gimbal tilt range
  • roll: ±45°
  • pitch: ±25°
  • yaw: ±50°
Centers of photographing binding accuracy
  • baseoption: 2 m RMS horizontal, 3 m RMS vertical
  • GNSS receiver with carrier phase measurements augmentation(RTK available): 0.1 m RMS horizontal, 0.2 m RMS vertical
Photocameras options Sony RX-1 Full-sized matrix 35 mm; Central shutter; Resolution 6000 х 4000 (24 megapixels)
(alternative option: Canon EOS-M with EF50мм f1/1.4 USM lens)
Airframe service life 50 landings
airframe is expendable, replaced at production facility
Batteries service life 50 cycles before capacity reduction to 80% of nominal

    Download UAV "DELTA-M brochure": pdf (3,8 Мб).



Technology is appropriate for rapid solving the number of tasks for open pit mining:

  • monitoring of dangerous sites of open pit mining;
  • definition of the scope and the location of rock dumps;
  • creation of digital elevation models (DEM) for open pit visualizations as a base for the future mining claims planning;
  • audit of mining objects in accordance to the design decisions;
  • monitoring of compliance with the safety: at a mining, tailing, at industrial sites and in field camps - during the development of mineral deposits.

Gathering of the digital orthophoto plans and horizontal shooting sections of roads (1:2000), bound them to the local coordinate system and the construction of a digital terrain model to determine the boundaries of the right of way (ROW).
Surveying of longitudinal and transverse sections of roads to determine the geometrical characteristics for: embankments; berms; cuvettes; etc., during the annual surveys for the purpose of amending the technical accounting documents and certification.


System provides great capabilities for plan of the city development; monitoring of industrial zones; building of architectural models; surveying of environment for landscape design.

Delta-M complex

Download demo album: in high resolution (17,3 Mb), standard version (7,6 Mb).

Software for aerial photography processing

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