DELTA UAV system

DELTA UAV system designed for aerial photography and video monitoring in real time.
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Technical specification

  • Flight endurance: 100 minutes;
  • Expand / collapse time: 10 minutes;
  • Takeoff — catapult;
  • Landing — parachute;
  • Full preflight self-diagnostics;
  • Datalink range: 12 km (option upto 45 km);
  • Wingspan: 1700 mm;
  • Weight w/o payload: 4,7 kg;
  • Payload weight: upto 1300 grams;
  • Payload option:

    • High resolution digicam;
    • Camcorder visible range / thermal imager.
  • Airframe service life – 50 landings;
  • Operating altitude: from 120 м to 2000 m;
  • Operating temperature: from -35 to +50°C;
  • Rated wind speed: 15 m/sec.
  • Landing space square 50 х 70 m.

Trial operation of UAV DELTA system has been carried out under support of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Science Foundation and Siberian Federal University . The main tasks of the system are the aerial photography with the objective of orthomosaic compilation and photogrammetry, as well as visual observation in real time. The system has passed test cycle, both in terms of testing flights and at the open pit mining enterprises of Krasnoyarsk region.

DELTA UAV system presentations ("Krasnoyarsk. Technologies of the Future", April 2011) and results of methodical work at Borodino coal mine have been presented at the annual forum "Open cast mining in the XXI century" (October 2011) in the International expo centre "Siberia" (Krasnoyarsk) and other international conferences and exhibitions.

DELTA UAV system competetive advantage is built-in self-diagnostic feature of all devices and systems implemented by software and autopilot unit of its own design, ensuring reliability and ease of use.

Technology is appropriate for rapid solving the number of tasks for open pit mining:

  • monitoring of dangerous sites of open pit mining;
  • definition of the scope and the location of rock dumps;
  • creation of digital elevation models (DEM) for open pit visualizations as a base for the future mining claims planning;
  • audit of mining objects in accordance to the design decisions;
  • monitoring of compliance with the safety: at a mining, tailing, at industrial sites and in field camps - during the development of mineral deposits.