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U.D.C. 629.066, 629.053
I.V. Makarov

Estimation of communication system’s capacity for the unmanned aerial vehicle control

This article presents analysis of the key tasks of communication system for the unmanned aerial vehicle control in manual and automatic modes. High scalability structure of the protocol is suggested. According to required modes of operation, presented approach for communication channel capacity estimation, instance of application is illustrated.

Index Terms: radiomodem, communication system capacity, unmanned aerial vehicle, UAV, telemetry remote control commands

U.D.C. 629.7.05, 004.891.3
I.V. Makarov

Organizing of informational and telemetry services for means of self diagnostics and monitoring of lifecycle of unmanned aerial vehicle based on unified control system

Article dedicated to Krasnoyarsk scientific team’s approach for gathering and processing of telemetry data from onboard systems of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Paper describes aspects of software implementation of scalable logic of gathering telemetry data. Next part of paper formulates workflow of computer aided analysis of regularly generated data within UAV flight operation, conducted either by developers or by customers. Final part of the paper formulates task for research and development of classification rules for detecting of events which are forerunners for potential critical system failure.

Index Terms: self-test, event detection, telemetry, UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

U.D.C. 629.7.05
I.V. Makarov

Application of global navigational space systems in a loop of guidance control system of unmanned aerial vehicle for remote sensing

This paper describes experience of using GNSS receiver for control system of unmanned aerial vehicle and further aerial photography processing.

Index Terms: autopilot, aerial photography, telemetry, UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

<here UAV control system block diagram>
Peter V. Sharshavin

UAV groung control unit design and implementation

This paper describes an approach for universal civil UAV ground control unit design. The possible scenarios of civil aviation application are considered. GCU design approach based on versatility is justified. The construction and prototype are presented. GCU has portable construction, convenient user interface and hard environment tolerance.

Index Terms: UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, civil UAV, ground control unit

<here UAV control system block diagram>
Ivan V. Makarov

Flexible telemetry parameters management system for research and development of unmanned platforms

Approach for automatic onboard arrangement of telemetry data by its formal description is presented. Author’s realization of approach for unmanned aerial vehicle is explained. Explanation touches aspects of monitoring of parameters for external onboard devices. Telemetry decomposition for ground control software is described in a way of reducing development time and product complexity.

Index Terms: Telemetry, Unmanned platforms, Onboard devices, UAV