author I.V. Makarov

This article presents analysis of the key tasks of communication system for the unmanned aerial vehicle control in manual and automatic modes. High scalability structure of the protocol is suggested. According to required modes of operation, presented approach for communication channel capacity estimation, instance of application is illustrated.
Index Terms: radiomodem, communication system capacity, unmanned aerial vehicle, UAV, telemetry remote control commands.

Development of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with a maximum takeoff mass less than 6 kg requires solutions with strict limitations of mass and size.
Fitting these requirements is achievable by high level of hardware and functional integration. For the tasks of air to ground communication half-duplex single radiomodem is commonly used. Purpose of this paper are to find estimation of radio channel capacity for the UAV operation and to optimize modes of it’s operation.

Analyses of following communications tasks are presented:

  • receiving single control commands;
  • receiving stream manual radio control commands;
  • sending telemetry information;
  • transmission and receiving of various data.

After general tasks formulation, structure of communication protocol is suggested. This protocol optimizes scalability of ground and flight software.
Formulas for estimation of required radio channel capacity are presented. Capacity is calculated according to required frequency of telemetry and manual control command packets, structure of the protocol is also has been taken in account.
For instance this article presents dependence of minimum required radio channel capacity for 1 megabyte guaranteed transmission during 25Hz telemetry and 25Hz manual control commands interaction.

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