UAVs aerial photographs have found widespread use in geodesy and cartography for the purposes:

  • Creating and updating of the topographic maps
  • Cadastral state accounting
  • Ground survey control
  • Geodetic networks construction
  • Surveying of the land abuttals

Land surveying verification using the UAVs orthomosaic

Precise photogrammetric processing of UAVs aerial photography data lets to define the horizontal and vertical coordinates of the points, line and area objects and their characteristics. Stereometric methods are used to construct a digital terrain model ( DTM ), contour lines and networks of triangulation. The following data interpretation of aerial photography allows to create the large scale topographic maps in accordance with standards and their integration with computer geospatial systems.

Using UAVs for that purpose is more quick and economically effective in comparison with traditional aerial photography and ground-based methods. The crew of two specialists is enough to operate with the UAVs aerial photography system.

Creating the topographic plans based on aerial UAVs survey


1.Creating the image block


2.Orthorectification pictures


3.Automatic construction of DTM and contour lines


4.The objects interpretation by orthomosaic


5.Topographic plan in accordance with the standards