Monitoring technology of the open pit mining using UAV ready to implement and offers the following services:

  • Aerial photography and creating of high resolution orthomosaic at a relatively low cost
  • Three-dimensional digital terrain models for surveying
  • Monitoring and information provision for mine planning

Open Pit


Industrial site

During processing, the picture data are transformed into orthomosaic, which serves to create new and update existing topographic maps and plans. Besides, they could be integrated with any geographic information system.

Aerial photography images can be used for the following tasks:

  • Monitoring of waste rock dumps, including control of landslides
  • Assessment of ledges and tailings
  • Conduct drilling and blasting works
  • Loading operations control
  • Thermal imaging of spontaneous ignitions at the waste rock dumps

Plot heap leaching


The detail of tailings site

Stereophotogrammetric methods allow calculation of the volume excavation for the open pits using three-dimensional terrain models. This approach is effective due to low cost of surveying using UAV complex in comparison with traditional surveying.
Images obtained with UAVs are rather actual than the satellite images, have high resolution, low cost, and do not depend on the time of year and weather conditions.
A special offer include the «Micromine» software for processing data with discount, when buying UAV «DELTA-M» system. Micromine software is a powerful modeling tool, which can effectively solve optimization problems of control and mine planning.


3-D model of the deposit