Road construction

UAV systems is effective and up-to-date instrument for road networks monitoring. The flight duration allows to examine extensive spatial objects with high-resolution and makes it possible to estimate condition of road surface and calculate volume of repair works.
Using our UAV-system one can solve several tasks:

  • Certification
  • Road networks planning
  • Build transverse cross sections
  • Calculate excavation's volume for repairing
  • Estimate road conditions (pits, cracks and washouts)
  • Railroads monitoring

The result of aerial photography is geo-referenced orthomosaic - the basis for digitizing road network and infrastructure, as well as digital relief model (DRM), which applicable for transverse profiling.
Special offer for road construction includes «Delta» UAV system with "IndorCAD/Road" - the proffesional software (IndorSoft, LLC), which allows to integrate geo-referenced orthomosaic for the purposes of design for construction, reconstruction and repair of streets and roads.