Satellite images processing

There are no needs in centimeter accuracy for the purposes of large areas monitoring or updating large-scale maps. In such cases, the use of aerial photography is excessive and inefficient method, and satellite imaging is the better option, which provide cartographic materials with 0,5-10 m spatial resolution as well as multispectral data in the infrared and radio-wave ranges.

AVASYS-GeoService company provides services for the processing of satellite images for scientific and application tasks:

  • Orthorectification. Space images in central projection or scanned images have to be converted to a rectangular coordinate system. This process of transformation is eliminating of the Earth surface curvature distortion and errors of scanning equipment.
  • DEM (digital elevation modelling). Stereo satellite images allow by photogrammetric methods to create a DTM, which used in orthorectification process and the surface contouring.
  • Synthesis images in false color – compilation method of multispectral channels combinations and their association with panchromatic images to increase the spatial resolution of materials.
  • Improve of visual perception of satellite images by applying filters of high and low frequency, direct and inverse Fourier transformation, image sharpening.
  • Interpretation and classification of identified objects, digitizing and transformation their properties and characteristics for import into a database.
  • Analysis of the spectral and spatial characteristics – revealing areas of erosion, vegetation indices calculation, determination the composition of the soil and rocks, etc.

The price of the service depends on the resolution of the images, area sizes, number of multispectral bands, relevance of satellite imaging. Feel free to query the details of prices for that kind of service using request form of the website.