"Racurs-VM2" payload


2-axis camera gimbal stabilization

Function Visual observation
Stabilization type 2-axis
Feedback type for the positioning
  • Absolute encoders for the each axis;
  • Strapdown system for the optical axis
Output signal format
  • analog;
  • RTP h264 through the UDP, Ethernet
Camera resolution
  • thermal imaging camera resolution - 640x480;
  • video camera resolution;
  • SD (PAL) - focal length of the thermal imaging camera lens;
  • 35 mm;
  • video camera zoom - x10
Relative stabilization accuracy 1-2°
Protection rate
  • IP65;
  • dustproof;
  • water resistant
Control system Racurs – FlexGimbal
Supply voltage 9-32 V
Power consumption Up to 20 W
Temperature Range from -40 to +50°С
Dimensions 155х155х200 mm
Weight 1.35 kg