• Research tasks;
  • Aerial photography;
  • Real-time video capturing;
  • Multi-spectral photography.

Tasks performed


  • Creation of maps and large-scale plans - up to 1:500 (optional);
  • Creation of three-dimensional elevation models.
  • LIDAR scanning.


  • Calculation of mine working volumes;
  • Real-time monitoring;
  • Control of piling and open-pit edges condition.

Road industry

  • Assessment of the road surface condition
  • Building the longitudinal and transverse profiles
  • Cartographic support for GIS.


  • Monitoring of the forest plantation condition
  • Detection of illegal logging
  • Observation over animals


  • Electronic maps fields creation
  • Calculation of NDVI and other indices
  • Land inventory formation


  • Construction works planning
  • Quality control
  • Engineering survey


  • Equipment testing
  • R&D in the field of ecology, nature management, instrument making


  • Detection of objects and people
  • Monitoring the natural disasters


  • Aerial magnetic measurements
  • Aerial electrical prospecting
  • Detection and gases identification in the atmosphere

Major application properties   

  • Automatic pre-flight diagnostics
  • Automatic route flight and landing
  • automatic take-off and landing (optional)

Key features and properties

  • Long flight duration – up to 12 hours
  • L1/L2 GLONASS/GPS may be optionally included in the complex, which improves the accuracy of photo centers and reduces the amount of on-ground works
  • Payload weight up to 25 kg


   Flight performance

   AV velocity

    70-140 km/h

   Flight altitude

   100-5000* m

   Flight duration

   up to 12 hours

   Landing strip requirements    

   70 х 300 m

   Maximal range of radio communication

   50 km

   Navigation fixing accuracy (RCS)
  • base configuration: plane – 2m, height – 3 m
  • configuration with a GNSS receiver with high accuracy (phase differential mode - RTK): plane – 0.1 m, height – 0.2 m

   Automatic saving system



   Environmental resistance

   Maximal allowable wind speed

   up to 20 m/s

   Operating temperatures range

   -35 to +45°C


   Weight and dimensions

   Takeoff weight

    50 kg

   Payload weight

    Up to 25 kg

   Wing span

    4100 mm


    2840 mm


    800 mm

* landing strip required

Device structure 


Product photo


Elektrikov st., 156/1, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 660079