Rakurs-Nadir2 GIMBAL


Designed for triaxial stabilization of camera optical axis during the aerial photography

Tasks performed by the device

  • Compensation of roll, pitch fluctuations and drift angle
  • Aerial photography
  • High-precision photo centers alignment

Major application properties  

  • Various cameras may be installed
  • Optionally available geodetic class GNSS receiver

Key features and properties 

  • UAV evolutions are also compensated the drift angle
  • Full-format digital camera with a central shutter installation option


Gimbal movement range in roll angle


Gimbal movement range in sight angle

+50° / -35°

Gimbal movement range in azimuth angle


Accuracy of pitch and roll angles stabilization


Accuracy of yaw angle stabilization (drift compensation)

Photo camera model

Sony «QX-1»


Sony «RX-1».

Sony QX-1 camera performance

Focal length of the camera lens

50 mm

Size camera matrix

23,2 х 15,4 mm

Camera image resolution

5456 х 3064 pixels

Camera shutter type

Curtain shutter

Sony RX-1 camera performance

Focal length of the camera lens

35 mm

Size camera matrix

35 х 23 mm

Camera image resolution

6000 х 4000 pixels

Camera shutter type


Power Specifications

Power supply voltage range

9–36 V

Power consumption, up to

60 W

Environmental resistance

Operating temperatures range

-40 to +50 °C

Relative humidity

6 to 98%


0 to 820 mm Hg

Weight and dimensions


1650 g


212×152×152 mm

Product photo


Elektrikov st., 156/1, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 660079