The complex was developed by OKB MBA in cooperation with Autonomous Aerospace Systems in the part of the flight control system



  • Aerial photography
  • Multi-spectral survey

Tasks performed


  • Creation maps and large-scale plans - up to 1:500 (optional);
  • Creation of three-dimensional elevation models.


  • Mine working volume calculation
  • Control of piling and open-pit edges condition

Road industry

  • Assessment of the road surface condition
  • Building the longitudinal and transverse profiles
  • Cartographic support for GIS


  • Monitoring of the forest plantation condition
  • Detection of illegal logging


  • Electronic map fields creation
  • Calculation of NDVI and other indices
  • Land inventory formation


  • Construction work planning
  • Engineering survey

Major application properties

  • Flight duration up to 3 hours (optional)
  • Operating temperatures range from -40 to + 45°С

Key features and properties

  • Competitive UAV in the low price range
  • Launches by hands


  Flight performance
  AV velocity   80-120 km/h
  Flight altitude   50-3000 m
  Flight duration   up to 2.5 hours*
  Maximal range of radio communication   50 km
  Take-off and landing Hand/parashute   Hand/parashute
  Payload types   photo camera
multi-spectral camera

Environmental resistance
Maximal allowable wind speed up to 10 m/s up to 10 m/s
Operating temperatures range -40 to +45 °C
Weight and dimensions

Takeoff weight 4.8 kg 4.8 kg
Payload weight up to 1.5 kg 1.5 kg
Wing span 2 m 2 m
Length 1,3 m 1,3 m
* optional configuration with a flight duration of 3 hours

Product photo


Elektrikov st., 156/1, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 660079